Friday, 19 October 2018

Welcome to CU Building Services

Thank you for visiting our website.  Formed in 1994, we have a wealth of experience within the insurance, industrial, commercial and domestic repair markets.

It is often stated that people are the key to any successful business.  The structure and integrity of any business is incomplete without the formation of a group of people for whom an excellent outcome is the only outcome.

We retain existing clients by providing a transparent and robust service, and attract new clients, generally, through recommendation.  Whilst we are currently enjoying growth in numerous areas including dilapidation and modernisation works, we are predominantly known for providing a reliable reinstatement service to the insurance market.

With relations throughout the claims industry from insurance companies to loss adjusters, we have, by virtue of retention of highly professional and capable staff, managed and enjoyed steady growth over almost 20 years.

We provide a reinstatement service throughout Scotland, and believe prompt, accurate communication aligned with skilled trade employees is the key to success.  The implementation of regular, non-automated update systems across all aspects of our business has been quoted by one client as allowing a position of "comfort from afar".

"…progress of repairs by C.U. Building is clearly an important factor in the delight of the Policyholder in relation to this sizeable project, and all parties are aware, with both photographic and technical updates provided regularly, as to what exactly is happening on site".

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