Friday, 19 October 2018

Fire & Flood Restoration

Fire and flood restoration is a terminology used by many contractors.  But what does it mean?

Fire affected buildings can suffer not only from charring and smoke contamination, but also damage occasioned by protein, poisons and the release of asbestos fibers.  Consequently, trained and knowledgeable staff are retained at C.U. Building to tackle damage consequent upon fire having affected a building.

The knowledge base extends from whether uPVC will restore sufficiently to whether smoke contamination will necessitate removal of all partitions and wall finishes.

We have developed a system for fire losses based on experience and training, with staff having been trained in Asbestos Awareness, knowledge of poisons and salvable items, retention of specific items which might need replicated (such as doors, ornate cornices and skirtings), and a firm understanding of the issues which surround fire reinstatement.

Flood damage affords the same attention to detail, with the added problem of contaminated water; rats urine, HIV, unpleasant chemicals and poisons can affect a building, and we are aware of the dangers relating thereto.  The skill set within C.U. Building is such that our expertise has been utilised by many Insurers, working directly on their behalf, to undertake reinstatement following flood damage.

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