Friday, 19 October 2018

Insurance Work

Whilst it is of course unfortunate when an accident or incident occurs, it is the manner of approach and the drive to finish the project which determines the success in terms of customer expectations.  We thrive on the ability to start a project and follow a structured path to a conclusion.

By providing every party with a concise and detailed quotation, timescales for completion and regular updates, we believe our promise of a transparent reinstatement system is the reason we enjoy steady growth, literally, by word of mouth.

In addition to the specifics of the project itself, there is a certain mentality and approach which one has to employ in order to understand what a Policyholder has been through.  Empathy with the customer is run in parallel with the expectations, and often limitations, of the insurance policy itself.  Knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the loss adjuster, surveyor and insurer are crucial.

We understand the issues which determine why insurance repair projects differ from any other type of work, and we embrace this ethos well.  For almost 20 years we have been involved with major events including the aftermath of the 1995 'Big Freeze', when the temperature throughout Central Scotland plummeted to less than 20 degrees.  The extent of damage throughout the UK was such that most insurance contractors were still reinstating water damaged properties right through to the last quarter of 1996.

Several relatively minor storms during 1997 were then eclipsed by the 'Boxing Day 1998' storms, when the wind strength exceeded 100mph in the West of Scotland, effectively creating a position where our Ayrshire location was the centre of some of the worst affected property damage in the last 50 years by virtue of storm damage.

During 2002 we experienced significant work volumes during the January storms, and throughout the last 10 years we have been involved in flood affected areas, adverse storm conditions and numerous fire affected properties.  In 2012, repeat storm conditions caused hundreds of properties to be affected by displaced tiles and slates, and major insurer clients relied upon us to co-ordinate a repair mechanism to mitigate the damage.

"‚Ķthank you for fixing the roof so quickly.  We are just delighted that the water didn't come through to the dining room ceiling"

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